“different than you imagined it”


Our menus are not classical, we always surprise you with something new and different. Our menu includes: Snacks & Dips, Appetizers, Main Course, Soups, Sallads, Deserts, Side Dishes, Tart’s & Cakes, Natural Juices, Infusions / Teas

We are opened:

Tue – Sat 13:00 – 15.00 & 18.00 – 21:30
Reservations for lunch are required!
If you do decide to meet up on a Sunday and your party comprises at least a dozen hungry mouths, reservations can be arranged.



We don’t want too sound cocky, but number of tabels is limited. Reserve yours before it’s too late!

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“indulge your taste buds”

Good food is an important factor when it comes to a person’s well-being. That is why the success of your event depends on quality catering. Qualified staff at the Restaurant MAK takes care of perfect banquets for your invitees at your chosen location or in an incredibly unique ambient of our restaurant.

We’re happy to prepare you a special range of cold and warm dishes, spoiling your palate and eyes. We always manage to find a way of adjusting our menu even to most demanding wishes and help you in choosing your food. In the end, we can always throw you some good culinary advice.

You can choose between cold and warm appetizers, canapés, snacks and fingerfood.

Treat yourself with some perfect catering

Odklop! Ne glejte ne levo ne desno, ne prepustite se prvim vtisom, ne iščite tistega, kar že poznate. Pozabite, kje ste in odmislite vse, kar veste ali ste prebrali o dobrih gostilnah. Le prepustite se znanju in ustvarjalnosti kuharja.


OMak opened its doors in early April of last year. The young chef, David Vračko, has taken his global experience and brought it back to his home town of Maribor. This is not your average restaurant or your average Slovenian chef.



“our latest addition”


In our restaurant you can organize business conferences. We have an option to use projector and canvas for video presentations.


“what is cooking?”

Cooking classes are intended for fans of cooking, for beginners and those who would like to improve their knowledge about preparing food